• Sanlam Family Fortune // Episode 1 "Ferreira Family"

Sanlam Family Fortune // Episode 1 "Ferreira Family"


From Sanlam and King James new Private wealth campaign: "Almost 80% of parents today do not believe their children are properly prepared to safeguard their family fortune.
Growing up in a picture-perfect Instagram world, thinking about the value of money and the effort required to preserve it can be concepts far from our children’s minds. No wonder then, that 70% of affluent families will lose their wealth by the second generation and 90% by the third. We put this alarming trend to the test by exposing the children of two families to their parents’ hard-earned fortunes in real time. Watch The Family Fortune to see just how easy it is to lose it all.

Agency: King James
Production Company: Velocity
Director: Rob Smith
Producer: Anco Henning
DOP: Pierre de Villiers
Editor: Paul Speirs @ New Creation Collective