Eventide // South Africa – 11:45 min – Color

Editing|Short Films


Set in the 70's and inspired by the poem, Abide with Me by Henry Francis Lyte (1847), Eventide tells the story of Norman, a lonesome lighthouse keeper battling with depression, grief and doubt. As he prepares to take his own life and end his suffering, he is confronted by the mayday message of a sailor lost at sea, in search of help.

Shot on location in Gansbaai, Western Cape, South Africa.

This film was made possible by the folks at MusicBed.com who supported it in script form and provided the means for it to happen. I am forever grateful to them for believing in the story and allowing me to pursue my dream of making it.


Norman - Nigel Sweet
Pieter - Sean Habib
Coastguard - Alexander Donkin
Writer/Director - Drew Murphy
Production Company - TH Films
Producer - John DeVries
Cinematographer/Colourist - Jonathan Benfield
Editor - Paul Speirs
Music by A. Taylor (MusicBed)
Production Designer - Shar Lee Jessica Nel
Sound Designer - Juan Visser
Production Assistant - Nick Charlie Key
Sound Engineer - Hans Rubenheimer